Pamper Hampers.

Pamper Hampers with Scented Soy Candles

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Need some pampering, including a beautiful scented soy candle?

Meet you at the pamper station!!

Need a little bit of time to wind down?  Treat yourself to a gorgeous "Pamper Hamper", filled with all the little delights to help you relax and dream a couple of hours away!

Each "pamper hamper" has a tin container scented soy wax candle of your choice (from my range of candle fragrances), together with essential items for a long, luxurious soak!

Each pamper hamper includes: 

- 1 x 8oz tin soy wax scented candle, your choice of fragrance from my range!

- 1 x bath salts,/soak to soothe away the day! (in a handy test tube size).

- 1 x bath bomb/fizz, to add that extra bit of luxury for you (approx 25 - 30grams).

- 1 x 50 gram maxi tea light, of your choice, to enhance the mood!

- 2 x tea bags, for a nice and hot cuppa! (4 tea selections to choice from). 

These are all packaged in a lovely box, either for yourself, or as a gift.

They make great gifts for friends and family!

How do I arrange one with my selection of products? 

The hardest part will be choosing the items you would like.  I will then do the rest for you!

These are the options for each selection:

1.  Choose the candle fragrance you would like for the 8oz tin soy candle, from my range of fragrances. 

2.  Choose the type of bath salts/soak you would like - Rose Blend, Coconut and Jasmine, Lavender or Peppermint.

3.  Choose a bath bomb/fizz flavour - Rose blend, Lavender blend, Eucalyptus blend, Coconut, Grapefruit or Frangipani  (selection will vary throughout the year, based on the supplier, however these are the common ones). 

4.  Choose the fragrance for the maxi tea light, from my range of fragrances.  It can be the same as the tin candle or you can try another fragrance!

5.  Tea - Select from Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint or Green Tea and Lemon Myrtle. 

Therefore,  take a look at the options above and treat yourself!  You know you deserve it.  An example is provided in the picture section for you as to how the items are packaged (This was one made for a client - products will vary, depending on your requirements).

Please note.  When you order the "pamper hamper", I will then contact you  straight away for your selection of items, to ensure it contains everything you want and the product is available.

Go on, treat yourself and have a Rendezvous scented soy candle experience!!