About Us

Who is Rendezvous Candle Co?

Hi.  My name is Anita, a self confessed candle lover and owner of Rendezvous Candle Co - a local business specialising in crafting and producing quality scented soy candles. 
I have always loved candles and the instant relaxation they can bring to your day when you light one!

Where is Rendezvous located?

Rendezvous is located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland and provides a platform to purchase quality scented soy candles on-line and also at regular local markets. 

What is Rendezvous's mission?

Rendezvous's mission is to create and provide quality hand made scented soy candles, at an affordable price.  This means using the best quality products and sourcing key supplies from Australian businesses to create candles that are loved throughout Australia. 

Five facts about Rendezvous:

1.  Rendezvous officially started in December 2020 and was born out of my love and passion for candles.  I have been purchasing candles for the past 20 years across various ranges and brands available on the market.  
I wanted the freedom to create my own style candle, using the best of soy wax and gorgeous fragrances.
So, taking my experience in being a candle shopper and user, I researched all I could about creating and making candles, completed a candle course and fell in love with the natural beauty of soy wax candles. 

2.  The "Rendezvous" name came to light through hours of thought and past inspiration.  I have always loved visiting Paris and the word "Rendezvous", and its meaning, resonated with me - it has a natural flow and makes me dream of past travels and future adventures.  

3.  Each candle is lovingly hand-chosen, hand-poured, hand-wicked, hand-trimmed, hand-labelled and carefully hand-shined and packed by me in my "Factory", being my quiet space to create.  I select all soy wax, each candle container, pre-waxed cotton wicks and quality fragrances.  A candle made by "Rendezvous" is a candle made by me, which I am very proud of. 

4.  The company has three employees, however not what you think!

- One two legged kind (my husband, who is my "ideas man" and number one supporter).

- The best four legged scent testers, who have the best snouts in the business, our beloved adopted greyhounds Roy and Tilley, being our new fur kids.  Sadly our beloved co-founders Brian and Maddie passed away in 2022 and 203 respectively, leaving a large hole in our hearts. 

5.  The company name, Black and White Hound Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Rendezvous Candle Co, was inspired by, you guessed it, Maddie and Brian and their black and white coats. 

Rendezvous continues to be possible due to unconditional support from family and friends, who  are my candle scent testers, marketing advisors, feedback providers and all-round go-to support network for my business.  Your support is priceless.